Not Enough Time!

Signs that you are overloaded You are double booked or miss meetings You are torn between your home and work life You don’t take vacations – ever You never have enough time to finish your own work Activities like eating are always done while working You are starting to feel burned out Many Product Owners […]

Importance of Stakeholder Management

Did you know that the word stakeholder is mentioned 1202 times in the PMBoK Sixth Edition and 1208 times in the BABoK v3? It is mentioned this many times because building and maintaining a good relationship with stakeholders is one of the most important parts of any Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Business […]

Product & Project Delivery Could Use a Dose of Common Sense

Very often I hear Project Managers, Product Owners, and Tech Directors talk about being clear, concise, and easy to understand. This always seems obvious to me; it sounds a little like common sense. The truth is most problems in software and interactive development could use a dose of common sense. If you only have 8 […]

Do Not Jump To Solutions

Too many Business Analysts and Product Owners skip Analysis. They elicit or gather information around a problem and then immediately and usually by themselves come up with an solution. This is like reading the first and last chapters of a book. Inevitably you will miss something and that something could change everything. The two most […]

Learn How To Elicit Requirements Like Experts

This article was featured 5 years ago in Business Analyst Times I am reposting here, but updating it from what I have learned since then. Every experienced business analyst knows that there is no substitute for well-defined requirements. Unfortunately, they are not always given the support or license to perform a true assessment. Sometimes stakeholders and […]

Yellow Brick Road Of BAs

If you have ever joined a company or project as “The New BA,” then you know what it was like for Dorothy to follow the Yellow Brick Road. Scene 1: Kansas You have either changed companies or changed projects; either way, it usually starts with a maelstrom of new information and expectations (The Twister). Scene […]