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6 Measures for Data Integrity Analysis

6 Measures For Data Integrity Analysis In a nutshell, Data Integrity means you can trust your data. In a time and industry where metrics and data seem to rule, people’s perception of your data will ultimately affect your organizations’ reputation. When data cannot be trusted, people do not immediately assume it was an accident, instead […]

Data Security & Compliance

Data Security and Compliance are separate but very related things. Data Compliance is adhering to the guidelines, regulations, or laws that are expected in data management. Data Security is the actual ways in which you keep your data safe and secure.  Here are some questions you should ask every time to add new data, processes, […]

Balancing Your Available Time & Workload

So you recognize that you are overloaded, but what can you do about it? There are things you can do to balance your available time and the work you are expected to do. There are some key words in that last sentence. Your AVAILABLE time and your EXPECTED workload. Many Product Owners think they have […]

How to Deliver Bad News

How to Deliver Bad News 1.) Be Prepared Do not ‘wing it’. Rehearse what you are going to say Anticipate questions and prepare answers Think carefully about the location Know the background and details 2.) Be Your Own Cheerleader Know the circumstances Remember reason or rationale Be honest to yourself about why Review any facts […]

Product Ownership: What Is and Is Not Expected

Product Ownership: What Is And Is Not Expected Of You

Product Ownership: What Is & Is Not Expected Of You Responsibilities of a Product Owner To the Organization by ensuring that the product delivers value To the Users by ensuring that the product provides the features and functionality they needs To the Program by ensuring that they follow standards and processes that ensure continuous improvement […]

Data Engineer vs. Data Architect

What’s the Difference? Data Engineer vs. Data Architect As more organizations become aware of the central role data plays in their business processes, there’s more demand for skilled workers to handle various data management tasks. But there’s also more confusion around the differences between positions like data architect and data engineer. Data Engineer Data Engineers are software […]

Not Enough Time!

Signs that you are overloaded You are double booked or miss meetings You are torn between your home and work life You don’t take vacations – ever You never have enough time to finish your own work Activities like eating are always done while working You are starting to feel burned out Many Product Owners […]

Importance of Stakeholder Management

Did you know that the word stakeholder is mentioned 1202 times in the PMBoK Sixth Edition and 1208 times in the BABoK v3? It is mentioned this many times because building and maintaining a good relationship with stakeholders is one of the most important parts of any Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Business […]

Product & Project Delivery Could Use a Dose of Common Sense

Very often I hear Project Managers, Product Owners, and Tech Directors talk about being clear, concise, and easy to understand. This always seems obvious to me; it sounds a little like common sense. The truth is most problems in software and interactive development could use a dose of common sense. If you only have 8 […]

Do Not Jump To Solutions

Too many Business Analysts and Product Owners skip Analysis. They elicit or gather information around a problem and then immediately and usually by themselves come up with an solution. This is like reading the first and last chapters of a book. Inevitably you will miss something and that something could change everything. The two most […]